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Chinese Water Dragons


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What do water dragons eat??

Water dragons eat mostly insects and will rarely eat their fruits or veggies.  They need a lot of protein as they are growing to grow properly.  That means, as hatchlings they need fed at least two times a day, as many food items as they will eat in a sitting.  As they grow into the juvenile dragon, you can get away with feeding them once daily as much as they will eat in one sitting.  As an adult dragon they only need to be feed every other day to every couple of days.  You do not want an underweight dragon nor do you want an overweight dragon.  Being overweight will decrease their life span. 
Food items that are good to offer:
   -Superworms (also known as Kingworms and Zophobas morios) -not the mealworms on steroids!
   -Butterworms-these are high in calcium
   -Silkworms-very nutricious
   -Feeder fish (treated for parasites)
   -Earthworms (potential for parasites-watch where you get them from)
   -Frozen or pre-killed Pinkies-to older juvies and adults only!
   -waxworms -as treats only, as they are fatty
You can also feed fruits, greens and veggies, although most will not eat them.  You can try shredded greens such as collards, and mustards and also some figs, apple, strawberries, mangos, squash and bananas. Those are just a few.  I have tried a lot of stuff with my dragons and neither of them will eat them.
An important reminder!  Never feed food items that are bigger than the space between your dragon's eyes.  Too big of food items can increase the chance for problems with impaction. 
I like to feed my dragons by hand, so I know how much each dragon is eating.  You can use tweezers or your fingers (just make sure they don't get in the way of the food, or you will get bit.) You can also just toss some in the viv if it is escape proof.  Another popular method is to put some food items in a non-escapable bowl and leave it there for your dragons to eat out of. If you have crickets running around in your enclosure you might want to leave some carrots or a piece of lettuce for them to munch on, or they might munch on your dragon while it sleeps. 
Feeding your feeder insects is also important.  You can get commercial products or just stick in a few slices of carrots or an apple slice.  Either will work.  Most need some sort of moisture to survive. Just remember, what you feed to your insects will also be feed to your dragons.  So, you can get your dragons to eat their fruits and veggies by feeding them to your insects.  Other insects might need other things, such as silkworms and butterworms.  You might want to do some research on them to keep them alive the longest.
You also need to provide calcium and vitamin supplements along with their food.  Calcium needs to be dusted on food items about every other feeding and a vitamin supplement needs to be dusted on them about twice a week.  You can also use a liquid calcium to supplement your dragons calcium needs.
Lastly, water dragons can be very picky eaters at times.  Sometimes they will get 'stuck' on one food, and one food only.  They will eat that food until finally they just refuse it.  Don't worry yet.  Just try another food item. Most likely they have finally gotten sick of eating whatever they were eating.  Sometimes, they just stop eating for a couple days and then start up again.  That is normal.  They will eat when they are hungry.  I wouldn't worry if the didn't eat for a couple days or so.  You also have to change the way you feed them sometimes.  Rogue will eat out of my hand some days and then other days I have to lay a couple of butterworms in front of her and hide so I am out of view when she eats.  Guess she has an eating complex

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